Caliber308 Win

Barrel size18″

Classified in categoryB2

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2A Armament Ultralight Rifle – XANTHOS-LITE XLR-18

2A Armament is an American manufacturer specializing in ultralight AR-15s and AR-10s. He intelligently modified the external geometry of his carcasses and his receivers so as not to weaken them.
The lightening operations were not limited to the removal of material, but also consisted in modifying the geometry of the zones which undergo the most stress so as not to weaken them. The most striking example is the rear section of the receiver which is stiffer than a normal receiver and thicker in the most stressed area, and this while maintaining a construction in aeronautical alloy type 7075T6 .
Several titanium parts complete the set. The difference in weight, compared to a light conventional model, is enough to compensate in whole or in large part the mass of the optical sighting system which will equip the rifle.
The balance and maneuverability of these weapons are simply exceptional and it is enough to have one in your hands to be convinced of this.

  • AR-10 type semi-automatic rifle with direct throttle.
  • 18” barrel in CrMoV 4150 steel protected by double nitriding (QPQ).
  • Barrel at 1/10” pitch.
  • Barrel controlled by magnetic particle inspection.
  • Gas fret 2A Armament in certified 6AL-4V titanium.
  • 2A Armament model X4 compensator in certified 6AL-4V titanium (standard thread 5/8”x24tpi).
  • Frame and receiver in 7075T6 aeronautical alloy machined from a block.
  • The carcass includes a screw with polymer key to eliminate the possible game which could exist with the receiver.
  • Cylinder head in special 9310 steel controlled by magnetic particle inspection, cryogenized and protected by double nitriding (QPQ).
  • Type 8620 steel conveyor, protected by double nitriding (QPQ).
  • Machined steel extractor then protected by double nitriding (QPQ).
  • Carrier key protected by double nitriding (QPQ) with crimped screws.
  • MilSpec Type III anodizing on frame, receiver, and forearm.
  • Armament 2A floating handguard 15” ultra-light equipped with the M-LOK system.
  • MFT ”Minimalist” (Mission First Tactical) telescopic stock with an ambidextrous anchorage for ball sling attachment system.
  • Buffer H2 (2 tungsten weights, and 1 steel)
  • CMC match trigger with dimple, set at 900 grams.
  • Enlarged cocking lever BCM 762 MOD3 (Bravo Company).
  • Magpul MIAD pistol grip.
  • 2A Armament dismantling pins in certified 6AL-4V titanium.
  • The breech retainer is fixed by a BTR screw instead of a pin to facilitate its eventual dismantling.
  • Widened and lightened trigger guard, machined in the mass of the carcass.
  • Weight: 3050 grams (which is exceptional for a rifle of this type in 308 Win.)
  • Comes with a Magpul PMAG 20 round magazine.
  • Delivered without sights.
  • Caliber: 308 Win.
  • Made in USA (for all component parts)
  • Weapon classified in category B2.

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