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Arsenal Firearms AF1 “Strike One” Pistol

The particularity of this gun is its locking system. It works by opening delay by short recoil of the barrel like many pistols of this caliber but the barrel remains in line and does not tilt when unlocking. Its release block is also not oscillating like other weapons whose barrel stays in line. This innovative, low-mass block performs a very short vertical displacement and is only subjected to low stresses. It is located in front of the trigger system, thereby contributing to the low height over the hand offered by this weapon.

  • 9×19 caliber polymer carcass semi-automatic pistol.
  • 36-NCD4 stainless steel cold hammered barrel.
  • stainless steel cylinder head.
  • single action trigger mechanism.
  • several automatic safeties.
  • extremely low height on the hand (12mm compared to the axis of the barrel)
  • Very low recoil and rebound, related to the low height on the hand.
  • easy disassembly (only one pin to handle for summary disassembly)
  • Easily removable magazine pusher.
  • mounted with a reversible magazine pusher.
  • picatinny rail on the front of the carcass.
  • fixed rise, derivable front sight on dovetail.
  • length: 210mm.
  • barrel length: 128mm (6-rifled, 1:10″ pitch).
  • height: 143mm.
  • empty weight: 750 grams.
  • delivered in a lockable case with 2 x 17-round magazines and a cleaning kit.

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