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>> New 2021 << B&T Rifle SPC9 SD G cal.9×19 (version of the SPC9-G with integrated sound moderator):

The SPC9 SD G (Special Purpose Carbine) is a revolutionary semi-automatic rifle made in Switzerland. It combines both certain elements of the well-known APC9 PRO G, and interoperability with a greater number of AR-15 accessories with the additional ergonomics that result from it.
It uses the excellent frame of the APC9 PRO G which is totally ambidextrous and compatible with Glock magazines.

This model has the particularity of comprising 2 cocking levers:
– a reversible side cocking lever which folds forward automatically and does not accompany the bolt during its cycle.
– an ambidextrous cocking lever to the standard of the AR-15 for even more flexibility both in terms of ergonomics and in the possible subsequent choices.

The SPC9 SD G adopts a stock tube compatible with the stocks of the AR-15 and is equipped as standard with the famous MFT stock (Mission First Tactical) which is particularly compact and light.

This rifle has an easily removable floating handguard (a single large diameter BTR screw which allows tightening and which engages in a groove located on the barrel nut, which ensures its longitudinal locking). This handguard also has an anti-rotation lug that engages in the receiver.
As for the APC9 PRO G, the adoption of the Glock magazine allows to have a very rational interoperability with the pistol. In addition, the Glock magazine is renowned for its legendary solidity and reliability.
The carcass accepts the pistol grip of the AR-15, and by extension the very large number of models available for this platform.
The weapon is quickly disassembled into 3 sub-assemblies by means of 2 captive pins.

This rifle has ergonomics and equipment never before seen together on a weapon of this type. The control devices are completely ambidextrous (safety, slide catch, bolt catch, and ambidextrous cocking lever). Accuracy is excellent thanks to the cold-hammered floating barrel. This barrel is fixed relative to the sighting system. The trigger system is that of the slightly modified AR15. A hydraulic buffer limits raising and retreating to its simplest expression. The breech stays back on the last shot. The weapon features a floating handguard equipped with a Picatinny rail at 12 and 6 o’clock, as well as the M-LOK system at 3 and 9 o’clock. The disassembly is very simple and very fast. The distance of use is 100m (The weapon is particularly suitable for the 25 and 50m stands which do not not necessarily authorize the use of long guns unless they fire handgun ammunition). It is also perfectly adapted to the new PCC (Pistol Caliber Carbine) division of the TSV (Tir Sportif de Vitesse) discipline.

Main characteristics:
– Semi-automatic operation with non-blocked cylinder head.
– Caliber: 9×19
– 115mm barrel (about 4.5″) cold hammered and equipped with an integrated suppressor (the weapon MUST NOT be used without its suppressor).
– The barrel has perforations after the chamber to capture some of the expanding gases and direct them into the suppressor pre-chamber to further reduce the sound level.This feature also allows most standard 124-grain ammunition to switch to subsonic. which avoids having to resort to subsonic ammunition with heavy bullets of 147 or 158 grains (the latter nevertheless remain usable).
– Barrel with QPQ treatment (double nitriding giving exceptional resistance to corrosion and wear)
– Reversible side cocking lever which folds forward automatically and does not accompany the slide during its cycle.
– A 2nd ambidextrous cocking lever to the standard of the AR-15 for even more flexibility both in ergonomics and in the possible subsequent choices.
– Ambidextrous magazine pusher and breech catch (both are operated with the index finger).
– Extended ambidextrous safety.
– Cylinder head box machined in anodized aeronautical alloy.
– Floating handguard with Picatinny rails at 12 and 6 o’clock, and M-LOK system at 3 and 9 o’clock.
– Removable B&T pistol grip (the weapon is compatible with an AR-15 pistol grip).
– Mogul match relaxation.
– AR15 trigger system (the original dimple trigger is already excellent, but it is possible to adapt an even more efficient trigger. Consult us because all match triggers for AR-15 are not necessarily compatible, nevertheless Geissele already makes a variant of one of his triggers, optimized for the APC9 and the SPC9, for example).
– Hydraulic cylinder head shock absorber from aeronautics: it allows to reduce the raising in a spectacular way.
– Folding eyecup and handlebar.
– 6-position telescopic stock (MFT brand: Mission First Tactical).
– Weight 2,950 kg with the Aimpoint sight.
– Length: 692mm stock retracted; 775mm stock extended.
– Made in Switzerland.
– Weapon classified in category B2.

Delivered with:
– Aimpoint Micro-TL sight (OEM variant of Micro-T1) equipped with a riser.
– Folding eyecup and handlebar.
– 1 Glock magazine of 29 rounds.
– A 1 point suspender.
– A case and a cleaning kit.