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>>> The Glock 47 also exists with threaded barrel: reference 74016, price 1020 € <<<

Glock 47 Gen5 FS MOS Threaded Pistol:

The Glock 47 has the particularity of being equipped with a cylinder head having the length of that of a Glock 17, mounted on a Glock 45 carcass. To ensure this compatibility, an extended “dustcover” is present on the cylinder head (at the manner of a Glock 34) which makes it possible to accept the rod-guide/recoil spring assembly of the Glock 19. Consequently, this slide is also compatible with the Glock 19 Gen5, which allows a shooter equipped with the 2 weapons to make 2 others: a Glock 45, but also and above all a “Glock 19L” which does not yet exist!

The Glock 47 is therefore today the model that gives the highest level of interoperability to the range of Glock 19, 19X and 45.

The 5th generation of Glock pistols, derived from the model adopted by the FBI, features the following improvements:
– a new match-grade barrel potentially capable of 2x better accuracy than before.
– a new finish for the breech and barrel consisting of nDLC protection (nitriding + Amorphous Diamond Carbon).
– a flared magazine well integrated into the carcass to facilitate magazine changes.
– an ambidextrous breech stopper.
– a profile of the front of the slide similar to that of the Glock 26.
– the handle no longer has fingerprints, so it is adapted to the hand of a greater majority of shooters whatever the size of their fingers.
– the firing pin safety, the trigger and the trigger block comprising the ejector have been modified in order to soften the trigger.
– the new magazine features an orange riser and a slightly oversized magazine heel (pistol remains compatible with all older Glock magazines).

The list above is not exhaustive because more than 20 modifications have been made to this weapon.

– 9×19 caliber semi-automatic pistol.
– new match barrel GMB (Glock Marksman Barrel), threaded in 13.5x1L, cold hammered, with improved polygonal rifling.
– exceptional protection against corrosion and wear thanks to the new nDLC finish.
– prepared to accept most current electronic micro-viewfinders (1 adapter plate supplied, the others are optional).
– 1 adapter plate delivered (fixing by Torx screws pre-coated with thread lock, Torx key delivered).
– The supplied plate is compatible with Trijicon RMR micro-sights as well as sights compatible with the RMR profile (additional plates for other models are now optional).
– finishing plate to cover the MOS cutout if a sight is not mounted immediately.
– Ambidextrous breech stopper.
– Length: 202mm.
– Height: 139mm (with a magazine engaged)
– Weight: 658 grams.
– delivered with 2 handle backs.
– delivered in case with magazine, 2 x 17-round magazines, Torx TX10 key, 1 MOS adapter plate and cleaning kit.
– made in Austria.

– classified in category B1.

Notes: nDLC protection is, for now, exclusive to Generation 5.
This protection also makes it possible to increase the reliability of the weapon in the absence of lubricant and in adverse conditions thanks to an extremely low coefficient of friction. This nDLC protection is exclusive to the Glock manufacturing process.

(FS = Front Serrations = gripping grooves on the front of the breech; MOS = Modular Optics System = breech already machined to accept most miniature electronic sights via adapter plates of which 1 is delivered with the weapon) .