Caliber223 Rem

Barrel size16″

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Wilson Combat Protector S, Rifle cal.223 Rem, Barrel 16″

WILSON COMBAT is an American manufacturer and creator of customs based in Arkansas.
Founded in 1977 by Bill Wilson, emblematic figure and master gunsmith initially specializing in the production of highly improved weapons based on the Colt 1911 and certain revolvers. He then made his own match parts and has been manufacturing his pistols entirely for more than 25 years.

Several decades passed during which Bill Wilson trained master gunsmiths to succeed him.
He is part of the short list of legendary trainers who had a major influence on the evolution of the Colt 1911 invented by John Moses Browning by allowing this weapon to endure in the 21st century while maintaining it at a level equal to or superior to the best designs. modern (some of his achievements are used by the Navy SEALs and the Delta Force).
The range then expanded to include sophisticated versions of the essential AR-15 as well as the SIG P320.

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