Caliber223 Rem

Barrel size10.5″

Classified in categoryB4

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V-AR rifle – 10.5” stainless steel barrel

V-AR rifles are made in the Czech Republic. They use a piston gas system, robust and easy to maintain. The carcass is compatible with parts for AR15 (handle, stock and internal mechanism), likewise the cylinder head uses standard parts (ejector, extractor and their springs, firing pin). The carcass and the receiver are entirely machined in a block of aeronautical aluminum alloy then anodized. The carcass and the receiver are paired to have the minimum clearance between these two parts. The frame is compatible with AR15 magazines, including polymer models, including Magpul magazines of all generations. The barrels are machined from raw barrels made by Lothar Walther and exist in blued steel or stainless steel. These barrels have luxurious, particularly aesthetic helical grooves, visible through the handguard and which make it possible to lighten the barrel without affecting its rigidity.

Features :

  • Lothar Walther heavy barrel, helically fluted (lightens the barrel without affecting its rigidity).
  • Barrel chambered in 5.56×45 (no 1 turn rifling in 7”)
  • Frame and cylinder head box machined in an aeronautical aluminum alloy (7075T6) then anodized.
  • Easily removable M-LOK standard floating handguard.
  • Piston reset mechanism.
  • Folding handlebar and eyepiece (*)
  • Polymer handle (*)
  • 6-position retractable stock (*).
  • Flash hider or steel compensator depending on the model (standard thread of 1/2”x28Tpi).
  • Delivered in a case with 1 G-Mag 30-round polymer magazine.
  • Weapon classified in category B4.

(*): these accessories may differ depending on arrivals.